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Walkingspree invites you to continue nurturing well-being within your clients’ workforce. This month offers fresh opportunities for fostering health, strengthening connections, and advancing as a united team.

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Striding Towards Success:
symplr’s Spirited Wellness Challenge!

Celebrating the spirited strides of symplr’s Wellness Challenge warriors!
During their sales kickoff meeting, symplr orchestrated a thrilling mini challenge that saw teams vying for the highest step count. Despite busy schedules filled with 8-4 meetings and meals, symplr’s team embraced the challenge with gusto. Gym sessions, morning walks, and even walks to offsite events became the norm, fostering a culture of wellness within the company.

Wow, what a week it was! The symplr team dove headfirst into the challenge, utilizing the gym, embracing morning walks, and even incorporating wellness chats outside of Walkingspree to promote active lifestyles. Despite the hustle and bustle of their sales kickoff meeting, symplr’s dedication to wellness shone through, inspiring others to join in on the journey towards healthier living.

As we celebrate symplr’s achievements, let’s remember that this success is just the beginning.

Unlock the potential of every step with Walkingspree!

Our mission to combat the hazards of a sedentary lifestyle receives powerful reinforcement from recent research published in JAMA Network Open. This study underscores the transformative impact of regular physical activity, particularly walking, on mitigating health risks associated with extended periods of sitting. By incorporating the insights from this groundbreaking research, Walkingspree empowers individuals to take proactive steps towards a healthier, more vibrant life. Elevate your clients’ employees’ well-being, defy the sedentary slump, and embrace a healthier lifestyle with Walkingspree, your ultimate ally in the journey to wellness.

Unlock a World of Wellness Options

At Walkingspree, we understand that every individual’s path to well-being is unique. That’s why we offer a diverse array of over 65 activities beyond walking to support your holistic wellness journey. Whether you prefer cycling, swimming, yoga, or any other form of exercise, our platform allows you to log your activities effortlessly, ensuring that every movement counts towards your wellness goals.

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Exciting News! Fresh Wellness Library Content Available Now!

Discover the latest additions to our Wellness Library! Dive into a wealth of insightful resources designed to enrich your well-being journey. We’re dedicated to empowering your clients’ employees with inspiring and educational content. Explore now!

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Ready for a Detailed Walkthrough?

Book a 30-minute Zoom demonstration with us to explore how Walkingspree aligns seamlessly with your clients’ organization’s wellness aspirations. You’ll be amazed by the improvements we’ve made.

Making a Difference, One Step at a Time

Let’s celebrate the remarkable achievements of one of our participants from Alief ISD, who took an impressive 11,802 steps in a single day!

Accompanied by a heartfelt Twitter post, this participant shared their pride in this accomplishment, stating:

Although I’m like #629 in the district, and so very tired, I’m super proud of myself. This is the most steps I’ve taken in a day since my stroke. ❤️ #WalkingSpree”

We applaud this incredible milestone and the determination shown in overcoming challenges. Your perseverance is an inspiration to us all!

Keep stepping forward towards your goals, one step at a time.

Stay tuned for even more exciting upgrades and enhancements with Walkingspree.
We’re dedicated to your wellbeing and success.

Featured Pop-up Challenge – Earth Day Challenge

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Step into the Earth Day Challenge and embrace the spirit of sustainability! Members achieve step milestones and earn badges inspired by our planet’s conservation efforts. Let them engage, achieve eco-friendly milestones, and celebrate their journey towards a greener, more sustainable lifestyle!

Featured Article: Woman Shares Daily Walking Routine

Struggling to hit your daily step goal? Check out this inspiring story from Newsweek about Emily Solar, who goes above and beyond by aiming for 15,000 steps every day!

Emily, a 30-year-old from Los Angeles, California, has crafted a dedicated routine to ensure she gets her steps in. Starting her day with an hour-long walk at 5:30 a.m., Emily sets a positive tone for the day ahead. She follows it up with additional walks after lunch and dinner, making walking an integral part of her daily routine.

According to Emily, these walks not only boost her step count but also significantly improve her mood and overall well-being. With the flexibility of remote work and California’s pleasant weather, Emily found it natural to incorporate more walking into her lifestyle.

                   Feeling inspired? Read Emily’s full story

Join us on this journey towards wellness and success with Walkingspree! Let’s take the first step together and unlock a world of possibilities.

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