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Customization means we can!

Educational and Engaging

Custom Wellness Challenges

Walkingspree’s full service account management offers fully customizable challenges that are designed to maximize engagement and participation. Incentivize your challenges with points or badges earned by members as they hit their daily step targets. Walkingspree will create unique challenges that speak to your community. If it’s important to your employees, it is important to us!

Reward your members for hitting their step targets!

Motivational Challenges

Wellness challenges that are exciting, engaging, and incentivized.  Utilize our points program or assign badges for completion. We will create custom badges to fit your need or choose from our large selection of professionally crafted badges. 

We keep members motivated, engaged, and active!

Individual Challenges

These challenges are designed for members to stay active, motivated, and connected with their colleagues.Choose from: Badge Challenges, Virtual Walks, or Virtual Journeys to keep your employees motivated to exercise.  Offer incentives if they earn all of the Badges, or assign points for participating.

Bring on the competition!

Team Challenges

Keep your employees engaged by competing against each other or leadership.  These challenges promote camaraderie and accountability as members work together for a common goal.  Team challenges get everyone involved and working together to step into better health.

Fully Customizable, hop between offices, or take a virtual vacation!

Virtual Walks

Virtual Walks are set up to step together anywhere across the world and to see the progress over a Google satellite map. These fun excursions also provide education about the locations along the trek.

Members compete with each other to reach the destinations first all while traveling the world and learning along the way.

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Fun, animated maps and achievement gamification!

Virtual Journeys

Virtual Journeys allow for animated interactive map backgrounds which plot a walker’s progress. Clicking a marker expands to showcase information and imagery describing the location. Fun achievement animations display over the map when a walker has passed a marker, and an automatic email will be sent to the member alerting them that they have earned a badge!

We will set up and implement your program for you!

Full Account Management

With over 80 fully customizable features and 100 customizable challenges  to create the perfect wellness program for your organization, Walkingspree offers everything you may need to create the best Wellness Program for your organization.

Customization at Walkingspree means we can and will use our proprietary platform and years of success to engage your employees to live an active and healthy lifestyle and fun doing it!

Motivate your workforce with professional assets built just for you!

Full Custom Marketing

Walkingspree is proud to work with our clients to create custom challenges based on what is important to you.  

Custom marketing flyers, emails, badges to earn, and more will ensure your challenge exceeds your expectations.  Walk for Unity, awareness, hop from office location to office location, or create a specific challenge to meet your needs.  We will help execute your vision to engage your community to live a healthy lifestyle.

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