Walkingspree Midyear Overview 2018

walking overview



2018 has been a busy year for us here at Walkingspree so far. As we head into the second half of 2018 we are continuing to gain momentum in providing a fun and engaging mobile-driven activity program to companies of all different sizes and backgrounds.  

To date, we have launched our program with over 50 new clients this year. These clients include the Miami-Dade County Public School System; Group 1 Automotive Group; OneBlood; Trinity Broadcasting Network; EyeCare Partners, Bergelectric; Newport-Mesa Unified School District; and Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy to name a few. We are very excited to be working with so many companies in such diverse industries and geographical locations in hopes of making big impacts in multiple communities.  

With “eyes on the prize”, our finish line is crossed when we successfully help each company incorporate health and wellness seamlessly; working within, and around, its workplace culture. Walkingspree  is looking forward to the future with its current clients,  and hopes to see more companies reaching out to enhance the lives of their employees in 2018.


About Walkingspree:  

Walkingspree specializes in customized corporate walking programs. These programs integrate individual fitness tracking into one solution. The company offers two types of programs. The Flex Business Program (can be launched online in minutes) for companies with less than 100 participants and the Enterprise Program for companies with over 100 participants. Both Walkingspree programs include an online e-Store where new Fitbit or Garmin devices can be purchased and a BYOD feature that allows employees to “Bring Your Own Device” whether that be various types of activity trackers or a smartphone. Learn more about Walkingspree at http://walkingspree.com 


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