Walkingspree Tools Help Transform Your Employee’s Health

An overview of the tools Walkingspree uses to inspire health changes.

In this day and age, there is no arguing against the many benefits that come with regular exercise and fitness. Whether you are scheduling in an hour at the gym each and every morning, or you simply try to fit in a walk around the neighborhood when you get home from work, these little steps can go a long way towards attacking chronic disease and improving your overall health and quality of life.

Now, with recent studies showing that 75% of all health care costs are due to chronic diseases often driven by inactivity or obesity, it only makes sense that prevention is the first step towards controlling health care costs in the workplace. For instance, encouraging employees to walk just 30 minutes a day is the single most effective thing that you can do to improve health and reduce costs throughout your company.

However, here at Walkingspree, we know that it takes a little more than motivation and health incentives for your employees to change their day-to-day lifestyle and fitness routines. It is also important to have the proper tools guiding them along the way in order to help your employees stay on track and meet their health and fitness goals.

To help your employees get the most out of your corporate-sponsored wellness program, and in turn help your company improve its bottom line, Walkingspree has applied proven modern technology to the simple concept of improved health in order to help your employees achieve their very best results.

Top Rated USB Pedometer

The advanced Walkingspree USB pedometer provides the most accurate step count available today. This accelerometer pedometer also accurately tracks aerobic steps, calories burned, fat reduced and tells time. It even tells you how far you’ve walked and stores this data for 41 days. Plus, you can wear it in your pants pocket, shirt pocket, on a belt clip, around your neck, or any other place that is convenient and comfortable for your daily activities.

Activity Tracker

The Walkingspree Activity Tracker monitors stats and step goals, then lays it out in an easy to read chart which allows for simple comparison of calories and fat burned, distance walked and much more. Because the validated data is laid out in an easy-to-read format, it is more likely to motivate your employees to push on with their goals and increase their daily activity levels.

Food Tracker

Food Tracker is an excellent tool for employees who are interested in learning about how many calories they eat in a given day (which can be surprising and shocking to many), plus it is a great eye opener for employees to determine whether or not their current eating habits are as healthy as they think they are. Walkingspree’s Food Tracker has a database of 65,000 foods, including restaurant and fast foods items can use to keep track of during your employer-sponsored health programs.

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