Walkingspree is Growing!

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The Expansion of Our Business

Walkingspree is growing! We’ve added over 50 new corporate clients this calendar year and expanded our team to serve the expansion of our distribution partners and our clients.

Our most recent additions include two industry-experienced Business Development Managers to serve our expanding distribution partners. Sara Gotham was recruited from Hub International Insurance in San Diego. Here she worked with organizations across 11 different states to develop comprehensive well-being strategies with her last role being the Pacific Region Health & Performance Consultant.  Prior to that, Sara was a Health & Wellness Manager at Verizon’s Telecom headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Sara has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sports Science and a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration.

We also recruited Kate Sapio from Alliant Insurance Services in Houston where Kate was a Benefit Analyst.  Kate previously worked for a TPA as an Account Manager and prior to that functioned as a Benefit Sales Consultant for AFLAC. Kate is an expert in the mental health field and has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She also has a Masters in Science in Mental Health Counseling and an ACE Health Coach certification.

In addition, we created a new role and hired Carrie Donnell as our Director of Client Engagement to oversee our Wellness Program Management team.  Carrie managed a corporate wellness solution provided by Baptist Health System for their Texas clients for a six year period.  Carrie earned both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition from Texas State University and then moved to teaching as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Faculty Member for Texas State.


About Walkingspree

Walkingspree specializes in custom walking programs where employees get engaged and energized while employers reduce health care claims. We provide wellness solutions for companies of all sizes and currently support some of the nation’s most renowned fitness monitoring brands. This includes Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch and a host of other wearables and smartphones. Members receive a highly intuitive and customizable mobile app as well as a web based real-time monitoring platform. To find out how we can assist your company, please check out www.walkingspree.com.

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