WalkingSpree invited as WELCOA Premium Provider

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Walkingspree Invited as WELCOA Premium Provider

WalkingSpree has accepted a membership invitation with the Wellness Council of America’s (WELCOA) Preferred Provider Network. WELCOA is one of the most respected resources for workplace wellness in America. With a membership in excess of 3,200 organizations, WELCOA is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all working Americans.
Through WELCOA, WalkingSpree will be able to bring its employee wellness program to more corporations so they can also experience the terrific results. Our corporate members have been able to achieve a 30% to 50% participation rate among employees (as opposed to the wellness industry average of 15%) and add an extra 4,000 steps/day on top of their original starting step average. Research shows a person’s health profile is significantly improved with a 5 to 7 pound weight loss if they walk an extra 2,000 steps a day and maintain it for a year. This shows that WalkingSpree can bring a significant cost savings to a corporation by helping employees become healthier.
WalkingSpree is pleased to be a premium provider for WELCOA and will continue to reach for the highest of industry standards in employee wellness.

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