Walkingspree congratulates Ray Eames of SKF USA Inc., recipient of 2012 Benny Award

Walkingspree would like to congratulate Ray Eames, the director of human resources at SKF USA Inc., for winning the 2012 Benefits Leadership in Health Care award. It is one of four Benny Awards presented annually by Employee Benefits News to individuals who have demonstrated excellence and achievement in the HR and Benefits profession.

This is Ray’s second award this year. He received company recognition when he was awarded the SKF Excellence Award which cited the corporate walking program success as a “permanent change of lifestyle with improved health, energy and productivity for the vast majority of participants.” This was one of ten awards given by SKF global which has 46,000 employees.

We worked with Ray to design a walking program that would attract and engage his 3,500-plus employees. Their participation rate is one of our highest and SKF USA Inc. has realized an ROI of 9.38 to 1.

Because of his efforts Ray has impacted the health of his employees, greatly improved company morale, and significantly reduced health care costs.

Congratulations, Ray. Everyone at Walkingspree is proud to be a part of your wellness program and we will see you in Phoenix in September when you received your well-deserved award.

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