Walkingspree congratulates Blue Care Network of Michigan on their 5 year anniversary of helping customers live healthier & save money with Healthy Blue Living?



Walkingspree, a leading technology-driven prevention focused corporate wellness company, is proud to be a part of Blue Care Network (BCN) of Michigan’s Healthy Blue Living family of products.


Detroit, MI (PRWEB) Nov. 11, 2011 – Walkingspree, a leading technology-driven prevention focused corporate wellness company, congratulates Blue Care Network (BCN) of Michigan on the anniversary of Healthy Blue Living family of products. BCN’s Healthy Blue Living (HBL) is Michigan’s first wellness-based HMO health care plan to offer incentives, such as a lower out of pockets costs, to customers for working toward healthy goals. HealthyBlue Living and Healthy Blue Living Rewards have more than 111,000 members and more than 800 groups.


“Congratulations BCN on your 5 year anniversary. You have demonstrated the success of an innovative wellness-based healthcare plan. You are a true industry leader,” said Hiran Perera, CEO of Walkingspree.


Walkingspree is proud to be a member of the Healthy Blue Living family as part of their weight management solution. The participants love it, the feedback is very positive, and the results prove the success of their program,


Perera added. Walkingspree is a specialized vendor for BCN-sponsored weight management program for Healthy Blue Living members or spouses with a BMI of 30 or more. Approximately 33 percent of all Americans are classified as obese — those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) exceeding 30. The Walkingspree partnership with BCN provides its members with a BMI over 30, an effective and engaging walking program to increase physical activity and lose weight to reduce the risk of chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and hypertension. This customized program started in late fall of 2010 and membership enrollment continues to increase month over month.


The Walkingspree wellness program delivers an effective and validated program to support these selected HBL participants to lower their out of pocket costs in their chosen HBL plan. Participants track activity with a USB pedometer and monitor their program participation online.


Healthy Blue Living participants have received impressive results with Walkingspree:


HBL participants:


• Walks more than billion steps a month and increasing monthly,
• Average 7,314 steps a day
• 13% walk 10,000 steps a day


As of October 31, 2010, HBL participants have walked 8,240,700,239 steps which is the equivalent of 7 trips to the moon and back.


About Walkingspree
Walkingspree is a specialized wellness provider whose expertise is to deliver a technology-driven prevention focused activity program for health insurers and corporate clients. Through customized online wellness portals and programs, clients receive measurable results and engage participants in a feature rich community. The company’s corporate wellness program – based on a USB pedometer to track validated steps, interactive food and body trackers, an active social media network, and gamification techniques – typically delivers more than 50 percent employee participation and year-over-year member retention. Results are healthier employees and a positive return on investment for clients. Walkingspree programs have been implemented in major health insurers, insurance brokers, Fortune 500 and global clients, small to medium businesses and non-profit organizations such as hospitals and schools.


For more information, please contact:
Suzanne Salay. Tel +830 428 0375

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