Walkingspree Announces Small Business Wellness Programs Online


Walkingspree Announces Small Business Wellness Programs Online

Posted: Jul 27, 2016 6:58 AM CDT

 Offering no contracts, custom mobile apps and a powerful inclusive package, Walkingspree offers the ability to set up a custom walking program in minutes online.

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) July 27, 2016

Walkingspree, a national corporate wellness program provider specializing in custom walking programs, is pleased to announce its new Small Business Solutions program. The program, created specifically for businesses with 500 or less employees, is unique in that it offers no contracts, can be set up in minutes, provides a branded mobile app and even offers a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ option. With everything a small business needs in one package (including logo and branding), Walkingspree’s walking program is a powerful new tool employers are getting excited about.

“We feel this program really opens the door for organizations that have not had access to great wellness programs,” says Nathan Pickle, Chief Revenue Officer at Walkingspree. “The program can be set up online, in a matter of minutes, is reasonably priced for smaller company budgets and can even be set up on a month-to-month basis or long-term depending on preference.\”

Other features in the robust Small Business Solutions program include: 

  • ‘Bring Your Own Device’ option: Employees or organization members can use their own device and get started on their company’s activity program as soon as it’s up and running. Walkingspree’s programs are compatible with almost any activity tracker including apps on smartphones. Charlie Boyd, Manager of Distribution at Walkingspree says, “We’ve noticed that about 25% of a company’s employees already have or wear an activity tracker or wearable device. Our ‘Bring Your Own Device’ option allows employers to take this into consideration when designing their company wellness program.”
  • Customized Mobile App: Walkingspree is also the only online activity program provider currently offering a customized, mobile app with a company logo. Companies can personalize the app which builds spirit, increases engagement and interaction.
  • Online Store: Wondering how to make sure everyone has a device to track steps and activity data? The Small Business Solutions program includes an online store allowing employees to shop for and select their own Fitbit device. Companies can choose a contribution option that each employee can use towards the purchase of a new device.

Walkingspree is also very proud of its strong customer and technical support team. Clients receive support on every subject from technical issues to “how to” questions. So, whether it’s a question about logging food into the food journal on the mobile app or accessing activity reports, clients are well taken care of. To learn more about the Small Business Solutions program, Walkingspree invites you to visit https://www.walkingspree.com/smb

About Walkingspree: Walkingspree specializes in custom walking programs where employees get engaged and energized and employers reduce health care claims. The company offers a Small Business Solutions program for companies with less than 500 employees and an Enterprise option for corporations with over 500 members. Walkingspree is a reseller with Fitbit and also partners with Garmin. Companies can connect with a variety of devices including both lines of Fitbit, Garmin and also devices like Apple Watch and smartphones. To find out how corporations, churches, hospitals, city governments and more are using Walkingspree, request a free demo at http://walkingspree.com/contact

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