Tips For Keeping Your Employees Healthy This Winter

Follow these steps to keep your company a healthy, functioning work place.


While there are many positives aspects that come with the snowy, winter season?holidays spent with family and friends, new year’s celebrations, a fresh chance to make all new goals and resolutions?there are just as many not so great things that can come along with the winter months.




One part of the winter season that seems to be unavoidable, especially when you work alongside a large number of people, is seasonal illnesses and sickness. Between the drop in temperature, the change in the environment outside and the wet, windy weather that seems to take over the country, it is nearly impossible to shield all of your employees from the harsh side effects of winter.


However, the benefits of keeping your employees healthy all year round are innumerable. Your employee’s health not only affects their well-being, but it also influences their productivity, your health budget, and ultimately, an organization’s bottom line.  In today’s business world, the health of your employees has a direct influence on the health of your company, and that is something you do not want to put in the hands of the chilly winter weather.


Luckily, promoting health in your workplace does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. Any business, large or small, can make plans to promote a healthy, active lifestyle in the winter months. Here are just a few ways that you can help your employees remain healthy and productive this winter season:


Keep a Regular Fitness Regime


It is no secret that implementing a company-wide fitness program, such as the ones offered by Walkingspree, can have an overwhelmingly beneficial affect on your employees and your company. Studies have shown that employees who exercise on a regular basis have increased job satisfaction, improved morale, reduced injuries and increased productivity. Plus, employees who are healthy and in shape have a lower risk of high blood pressure and lower their risk of developing high cholesterol.


Practice Healthy Habits


Another way to keep your employees active and healthy is to stock the break room with healthy foods. Think about it, implementing a wellness program into your company while keeping the same old junk food vending machine snacks will only send a mixed message to your staff. Instead, promote items that have a high amount of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Also, always make sure that water is readily available instead of soda.


Encourage Staff to Listen to Their Bodies


One of the most important elements to keeping your office healthy is to encourage employee self-care by empowering your staff to make decisions based on their own individual well-being. For instance, encourage your employees to pay close attention to their health and their mood, and keep your staff updated about seasonal flu signs and symptoms.


Because your staff is an extension of your entire organization, their health and well being is a direct relation of your company. Be sure that your image is a healthy, strong one by implementing Walkingspree’s employer-sponsored wellness program into your business plan.


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