Tips for Keeping Active While Sitting Behind a Desk


Don\’t let sitting all day at work keep you staying active and getting fit.

Keeping up with a regular exercise or fitness routine during your free time is a great way to maintain good health and make a positive step toward your overall wellness goals. After all, there is no better way to shake off the tired, achy feeling that comes from sitting at your work desk all day. However, while getting in exercise after a long day at the office may sound good, you can also bring fitness into your busy schedule at work as well.


We have all heard just how bad sedentary jobs can be for our health.  Not only does sitting all day increase your potential for weight gain, but it can also up your risk of developing chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Long periods of time at your desk can also lead to diminished productivity and energy levels?the last thing you want when at work.
So, what exactly can office workers to do fight the risks that come with sitting at a desk all day? A brisk walk around the office at lunch is a great way to get in exercise. There are also many other fitness opportunities that you can add to your day that will help you keep your health in check without significantly altering your work routine.
Check Your Posture
A poorly laid out workstation can lead to decreased motivation, headaches and even tendinitis. Therefore, make sure your desk is organized in a way that does not hinder your work and focuses on good posture. For instance, when you are sitting, sit up straight and pull your shoulders back and away from your ears. You should also follow the \”90-90-90\” rule:  feet flat on the floor with knees and hips bent at a 90-degree angle. Correct posture will help you stay comfortable and relaxed while working.
Sit on a Balance Ball
A poorly built office chair can make your back ache and your body tense up after an 8 hour work day. Consider passing up the office chair in favor of a balance ball. Sitting on the unstable surface of the ball will help you to engage the core muscles in your back and abdominals. However, just be sure that the ball is tall enough not to cause any strain.
Replace Email with Face-To-Face Contact
Any opportunity to interrupt sedentary time at your desk is a good idea. So take every chance you get to move around your office, even if it is just for a few minutes. For example, instead of sending an email to your co-worker across the office, or calling down to the floor below yours, walk to that person\’s desk and have the conversation face-to-face. You will be surprised how much these five minute visits can make a difference when it comes to keeping active.
Stretch Between Tasks
During office hours, there are a lot of opportunities that can be used to sneak in some exercise. Instead of just standing around waiting for photo copies or the elevator, use these times to stretch and release any tension in your muscles that has built up while sitting down. Taking the time to elongate your muscles is great for your body.
If you are looking for more beneficial ways to increase exercise and movement within the workplace, contact Walkingspree today to learn about how our corporate-sponsored wellness program could improve employee health and well-being.
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