Tips for Helping Employees Stick with Your Corporate Wellness Program


Keep your employees excited and energized with these motivational tips.

There is no shortage of reasons -why we should make exercise and fitness a part of our daily lives?it can help to lower our blood pressure and reduce risk of  chronic diseases, it strengthens our bones and decreases stress, and it can even help improve our mood and keep us motivated. However, just because there are plenty of reasons to exercise, it can be hard to start and stick with an exercise program.
If you have ever started a fitness program only to quit a few weeks later, you are not alone. Every single day people will begin a fitness program and then stop once they become  bored or don’t see results quickly enough.
Intimidation may be another factor why many of us struggle to keep up with our exercise programs. When you are out of shape or struggling to keep healthy, it can take a lot of courage to put on your workout clothes and start exercising.  However, exercising does not have to be this boring, arduous task that it is often made out to be.
As long as you have the motivation and drive to keep moving forward  with your health and wellness program, you will soon seen the results of  your hard work pay off. To help you stay on the track with your fitness regime, we have put together these tips to keep you motivated:
1. Set Specific, Realistic Goals
When starting your fitness program, make sure you set simple goals that progress to longer range goals. Make your goals realistic and attainable so you don’t  get frustrated and give up. It\’s also beneficial to write your goals down on paper, that way you can visualize and work towards your goal day after day.
2. Schedule Your Walks
It is easy to fall back on excuses when it comes time to actually working out. Therefore, to avoid ditching your exercise routine, schedule your walksjust as you would any other important activity. Plan the date, time and place in your calendar or as an alert on your phone. That way, you will be less likely to allow meetings or after work plans interfere with your fitness activity.
3. Get -a Buddy
Walking with a friend can keep you motivated.  In fact, friends and coworkers have the biggest influence on their peers when it comes to completing an activity. That’s why Walkingspree built the \”buddy system” where a coworker can check on a friend and offer encouragement and motivation. You can also create or join a club for fun and to motivate each other.
4. Track Your Results
Charting your progress and seeing incremental improvements in your workout will help motivate you. The Walkingspree Activity Tracker monitors stats and step goals, then displays it in an easy to read chart which allows for simple comparison of calories and fat burned, distance walked and much more. Because the data is laid out in an easy-to-read format, you are more likely to push on with your goals and increase your daily activity levels.
5. Have Fun
At the end of the day, you will enjoy your workout if you enjoy what you are doing. Therefore, make sure you are varying your exercise to keep you on your toes, and if you are not enjoying your workout, try something different. Exercise does not have to be dull and boring, and you are much more likely to stick with an exercise program that you are having fun with.
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