The Return on Investment for Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs

What ROI can I expect from a corporate wellness program?

We here at Walkingspree have always made it a priority to share the health and financial benefits that can come along with implementing a corporate-sponsored wellness program in the workplace. Not only do these amazing fitness programs help employees to improve their health and morale, but effective programs like those offered by Walkingspree can also reduce medical claims, lower absenteeism and make a real difference to your company\’s bottom line.
However, while more and more companies across the country are beginning to do what it takes to implement one of these health and wellness programs at  their workplace, many employers are still asking the age-old question that comes with any type of financial investment: \”Exactly how much is this investment going to save me in the long run?\”
Many employers are still skeptical about the effects that a corporate-sponsored wellness program can have on both their employees and the companies they work for. Luckily, there have been many studies released over recent years that show a healthier workplace not only results in more productive work days, but it also results in fewer hours lost to employee absences. These wellness programs can also help to decrease the chance of work-related injuries and can improve employee morale.
To help you get a better idea of how your company can benefit from Walkingspree\’s corporate-sponsored wellness program, as well as learn more about the significant return on investment that you could be looking at in the long run, we have put together some basic information about employer health programs.
Improved Bottom Line
Even though healthcare costs are steadily rising across the country, having a proven corporate wellness program will give your company the chance to minimize the effects that these costs -will have on your business. For instance, research has shown that investing in prevention and wellness has the following direct and indirect returns on investment:

  • 24.2% lower disability management costs
  • 25.3% fewer sick days
  • 26.5% lower health costs
  • 40.7% reduction in workers\’ comp costs

Basically, the healthier your employees are, the better insurance rates your company can expect to enjoy. Going along with the same topic, the fewer injuries your staff have, the less expensive your workers comp insurance will be.
Increased Engagement in Employees
Being involved in any type of corporate program, whether it focuses on diet, fitness, wellness or all three, can help to bring your staff together and create a mutual trust and bond among employees and upper-level staff. In fact, in a workplace wellness survey, 40% of workers said that they were encouraged to work harder and perform better, and 26% reported that they had missed fewer days of work by participating in these programs.
At the same time, employees who are motivated and successful in their positions will ensure increased product sales, customer satisfaction and a drive to excel at their role with the company.
To learn more about the benefits that Walkingspree\’s corporate wellness programs can have on your company\’s bottom line, and the return on investment that it can bring to your workplace, be sure to contact us today.
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