The Impact of a Healthy Diet on Rising Health Care Costs

Obesity may be one of the largest factors behind rising company health costs.

Here at Walkingspree, we have always stressed the importance that daily exercise and fitness can have on reducing health care costs and improving your company\’s bottom line.
\"\"However, while many of these medical costs can be attributed to a lack of exercise and physical activity in the workplace and at home, exercise is not the only factor in fighting obesity, it is only one piece of the obesity puzzle.
Many unnecessary medical costs in today\’s workplace stem from poor eating habit. In fact, many of the largest killers in America, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even some types of cancer, can be prevented if we just made a more concise effort to eat the right foods and work toward wellness.
But getting your employees to eat the right foods and follow a healthy diet plan can be a challenge. To help you get a better idea of the impact that a healthy diet can have on your company\’s bottom line, we have put together some important information about obesity\’s effect on health and how your employees can improve their daily diet and fight rising healthcare costs.
Obesity\’s Effect on Health
Over the past 22 years, obesity has grown from approximately 13 to 28% in the U.S. and it is projected that by 2030, this number could climb to as much as 42%. However, it doesn\’t just stop there. It is projected that 11% of Americans will be considered severely obese (100 plus pounds over a healthy weight). This is dangerous to both individuals and employers because of the numerous health problems that will affect both our health and our pocket books.
What many people do not realize about obesity is the huge toll that it can have on our body and the serious health conditions it can prompt-  from diabetes to stroke to sleep apnea . Obesity is also linked to cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease, in nearly 70% of diagnosed cases.  However, losing just a few pounds?even just 5% of your body weight?can have a significant improvement on your health.
Improving Your Daily Diet
Diets come in a number of shapes and sizes?cutting meat and processed foods, sticking to only fruits and veggies, no carbs, etc. However, in the long run it all comes down to eating the right foods to support a healthy immune system and help reduce the occurrence of costly illness. If you eat right, your body will reward itself. However, if you eat poorly, your machine will eventually stop running properly.
The Center for Disease Control estimates that 40% of cancer, as well as 80% of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes could be prevented if Americans exercised more, stopped smoking and ate healthier.
To help ensure that your staff is on the right track to better health and wellness, contact Walkingspree today to learn about the benefits that an employer-sponsored health and wellness program can have on both your employees and your bottom line.
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