The Cost of \’Presentism\’ in the Corporate Work Environment (Podcast)

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The Cost of Presentism in the Corporate Work Environment


Listen to \”The Cost of Presenteeism in the Corporate Work Environment\”
The cost of \’Presenteesim\’ in the corporate work environment is nothing to laugh over. This new buzz word is likely affecting your bottom line. The idea- employees are present, but not able to work efficiently due to physical and mental health challenges. The answer, is an effective corporate wellness program that gets people moving more frequently and much more often. Kari Nelson, interviewed Hiran Perera from and he talked about the effects of corporate wellness programs, keeping people motivated and your ROI. Obesity is growing out of control. And so is weight related diseases – diabetes, heart problems and the like. And that translates into dollars – many dollars – for your company. WalkingSpree is focused on delivering a best-of-breed online wellness program by incorporating the valuable features from online pedometer based programs, online social networking programs and online weight-loss programs. Listen to this interview and for more information, follow the link and think about letting your legs do some walking.

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