The Business of Wellness – The Health Cell Event

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas (January 8, 2017) — The Health Cell organized a learning lunch on the business of wellness and invited our CEO, Hiran Perera, to speak as a panelist. Also on the panel was Jesse Gavin of the Baylor College of Medicine, Sean Dohrmann of eHealthScreenings, and Jennifer Cavazos of UnitedHealth Group.

Hiran first discussed the evolving technology of wearable devices in the wellness industry and what made them a success or a failure. He also went into Walkingspree’s product, how it positively has affected our customer’s workplaces, and case studies proving the reduction in healthcare costs for employees using Walkingspree. “It was a pleasure to speak at Health Cell’s “Business of Wellness” event to such a distinguished audience from Antonio’s health and bioscience industry,” said Walkingspree CEO “I am glad we highlighted the impact of prevention programs, in particular our success with Walkingspree, in mitigating and reducing the rising cost of healthcare.”

Overall, it was an amazing event that Walkingspree was honored to be apart of. Thank you again to The Health Cell for organizing an amazing event. Head over to their website to learn more about them and view their upcoming events.

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