The Benefits Of Gamification In Employee Health Programs

How many businesses are seeing positive health results through gamification.


When it comes to motivating your employees and creating an incentive to finish a difficult task, there are many different options that people use to make the tasks at hand seem less strenuous and more enjoyable. For instance, when you are playing a card game at home with your friends, or are passing the time by playing a virtual puzzle game on your phone, no matter how many times you lose or fail at the challenges inside of the game, you continue to click the ‘start over’ button and try again at the difficult obstacles ahead.


However, it is not just a simple interface or exciting stories behind these games that keep you wishing for more and more tries. It is the well-crafted mechanics behind each one of these exciting tasks that keeps us wanting more through the process of gamification.




While gamification may be a new term for many people, it is an idea that has been around in the business community for many years as a way for companies to create new value for their customers and employees. In fact, if you have ever checked into a business on Foursquare, registered for a hotel’s loyalty club or cashed in your frequent flier miles with your favorite airline, then you have already used the process of gamification to engage and improve your experience with a company or product.


However, can these powerful and positive emotions that come with gamification and business rewards programs be harvested by businesses who are looking to improve the health and productivity of their internal employees? Thanks to Walkingspree’s feature rich, activity-based USB pedometer online corporate walking program, it’s easier than ever.


What Is Gamification?


Gamification is the use of game play mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences to perform tasks and chores that they would ordinarily would not want to complete, such as a daily diet program or a difficult fitness routine. By making technology more engaging through the use of game design techniques, we are tapping into our human psychological predisposition to engage in gaming and complete fun, inviting tasks.


When it comes to gamification, most applications use five essential game mechanics to engage their audience: Points, badges, levels, leaderboards and challenges.


How Can You Apply Gamification To Employee Health And Fitness?


Walkingspree’s online corporate walking program not only works to create improved wellness and productivity among employees, but it is also built to be fun and engaging through the use of gamification. Walkingspree creates virtual walks, multi-level challenges, walking clubs, teams and competitions to motivate and engage your employees, while also providing measurable outcomes so that they can track their overall progress with the program.


Coworkers can also compete internally with our Leaderboard function, which allows regional or department leaders to motivate their teams through bragging rights and team prizes within the company itself. Employees are also able to use the Walkingspree built-in ‘Buddy System’ where coworkers can check in on each other, offer encouragement and motivation, post wall comments and give ‘gifts’ to friends in their buddy page.


In this day and age, many employees require a more engaging, interactive outlet in order to pay attention and focus on a difficult, challenging program for a long period of time. Through the use of our Award Winning Corporate Wellness Program, not only will the health, loyalty and productivity of your staff improve over time, but they will also have a fun, entertaining journey along the way.


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