Study Shows Executives Recognize the Benefit of Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness initiatives, such as Walkingspree’s corporate walking program, are proving to show valuable results that benefit companies and their employees – and more executives are beginning to take notice. According to The State of Worksite Wellness in America, a report released last month by the Alliance of a Healthier Minnesota and funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, nearly nine in 10 executives report seeing the benefits of worksite wellness programs.



The study, which included a poll of 406 human resource professionals conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, was designed to explore “the experiences, attitudes and opinions of human resource professionals regarding worksite wellness.” The findings showed that 87% of organizations across the country reported perceiving the benefits of workplace wellness programs, with employers who currently provide such initiatives even more likely to see the value in the programs.


As executives increasingly see the potential value offered by corporate wellness programs, participation – and interest in developing programs – is expected to steadily increase. While just over half of respondents stated that they currently have a workplace wellness program in place, 69% percent said they would be interested or very interested in developing a program for their company within the next three years.


For those who are hesitant about implementing a workplace wellness program, cost (65%) and perceived lack of employee interest (59%) were the leading causes of concern. However, survey responses from companies with these initiatives currently in place would seem to refute the actual impact of these concerns.


The report’s results suggest that a successful wellness program does not need to monopolize a company’s healthcare budget. The majority of participating companies recognize benefits without dedicating a significant amount of their budget to these programs; more than eight out of 10 (84%) respondents who have wellness programs in place spend less than 5% of their budget on wellness initiatives.


Similarly, while perceived lack of employee participation was reportedly a major concern, respondent’s perception of employee interest contradicted this concern. In fact, 90% of companies with these programs believe their employees find these programs beneficial, and 83% of companies without a program believe their employees would find the initiative beneficial if they were available.


With corporate wellness programs, companies and employees alike can recognize the benefits of a happier, healthier workforce.  Companies can benefit from healthier employees with reduced employee absenteeism, increased productivity, and lower healthcare costs. In turn, employees receive benefits that improve their lives. At work, they can expect a more productive environment, less stress, and enjoyable company activities. But the benefits aren’t limited to their working hours; a healthy lifestyle, complete with fitness activities such as walking, can ultimately lead to longer lives, fewer illnesses, and increased happiness and self-esteem.


At Walkingspree, we provide superior corporate wellness solutions centered on the numerous benefits of our corporate walking program. Our customized health and fitness solutions combine advanced monitoring and tracking technology with the built-in-fun of motivating incentives, rewards, and social interactions for programs that result in high engagement, healthier employees, and positive ROI. To learn more about the significant benefits that your company and your employees can realize with our corporate walking program, contact Walkingspree today.


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