Studies Show That Workplace Wellness Means Lower Health Costs

Healthy employees means lower health care costs in the long run.

In a society filled with rising healthcare costs and never-ending budget cuts, it is truly important that you’re ensuring that your company is getting the most out of every single dollar that is spent. For some, this could mean scaling back on costs for out-of-house services such as marketing or advertising, or may even require making preventative decisions now that will save you money later down the road, such as switching documents over from paper to digital.

One extra step that many companies are turning to in order to cut back on health care costs and decrease employee absenteeism is implementing a corporate-sponsored wellness program into the workplace. Many studies are showing that employees who suffer from lifestyle-related chronic diseases account for an estimated 70 percent of the nation’s health care costs, which directly leads to costly health insurance for businesses. In fact, one study even reported that having an obese employee can cost an extra $2,500 a year in health care costs, while a smoker can cost up to $4,500 a year.

As a result of these rising healthcare costs, many companies today are turning to workplace wellness programs to lower health care costs through decreased absenteeism and increased productive. By becoming involved in an employer-sponsored wellness program, employees can begin to improve their overall health and wellness, decrease their stress and experience multiple health improvements. For instance, many studies have shown that people who exercise regularly lower their risk of high blood pressure, improve their weight and lower their risk of high cholesterol.

In addition to the health and wellness benefits that these programs can bring to employees, there is also an added financial benefit for employers. For instance, The Wellness Council of America estimates that, for each $1 invested in a corporate-sponsored wellness program, employers can save as much as $3 in health care and productivity costs?a significant return on investment compared to the amount spent each year on absent employees.

Bottom line: if you have a corporate-sponsored wellness program within your company, you are going to have healthier employees.

Not only do wellness programs lead to more productivity and less sick time, but they also build better morale for the company. Being involved in a corporate program, whether it be through dieting, wellness or fitness, has been shown to bring staff members together and create a mutual trust and bond among employees and employers, especially when management level employees join in on the program.

If you are interested in learning more about the many benefits that a corporate-sponsored wellness program can bring to your company’s employees and bottom line, be sure to contact Walkingspree today. We can create a program that focuses on the physical, mental and physical fitness of your employees, while also crafting a plan that provides proven results. As your employees begin to make better health and wellness choices, you will see just how much your bottom line will improve.

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