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Robust Wellness Program


We are a leader in providing a fun, engaging, activity program that provides the following first-class offerings:

Team Challenges

Get your employees engaged by competing against each other or leadership. These challenges promote camaraderie and accountability as members work together for a common goal. Team challenges get everyone involved and working together to step into better health.

Individual Challenges

These challenges are designed for members to stay active, motivated, and connected with their colleagues. Choose from: Badge Challenges, Virtual Walks, or Virtual Journeys to keep your employees motivated to exercise. Offer incentives if they earn all of the Badges, or assign points for participating.

Motivational Challenges

Badge Challenges allow clients to assign step counts and time frames to earn badges for participation. Emails are automatically sent to a member when a badge has been earned. The Achievement image is also displayed within the Badge section of your app.

Virtual Journeys

Virtual Journeys showcase an animated interactive map which plots your progress as you hit your daily step targets. Clicking a marker expands to showcase information and imagery describing the location. Receive a badge upon completion of the journey.

Social Justice and Climate Change

We offer innovative new challenges that promote awareness of diversity and sustainability. We also promote charitable giving as incentives for achieving wellness goals.


Incentivize your wellness program through points. Members may earn points from challenges, answering daily journal questions, or earning a badge. Points may be redeemed for gift cards, raffles, pto and so much more.

Divisional Set Up

Compete between office locations easily with our new divisional set up feature. Run a company wide challenge and allow individual offices to run a different challenge at the same time while participating with the rest of the organization.


Walkingspree is proud to offer automatic translation of the app in seven languages: Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, and Italian.

Wellness Library

The Walkingspree Wellness Library is accessible 24/7 from the app or desktop and offers 1,500 pieces of original health and wellness content, featuring informative articles, special reports and first-person essays that are practical, engaging and reader-friendly and written by certified medical professionals.

Wellbeing on Demand

24/7 Access to relevant videos, audio and insightful wellbeing awareness content from the world’s leading experts accessible from the Walkingspree app or through our desktop portal. Add resilience to your employee's physical activity routine to help improve their overall health and well-being.

Wellbeing Journal

Fully customizable Wellbeing Journal can be created on any wellness topic such as nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress, or general mood. Answers may be set to Yes/No or in a scale of 1 to 10. Incentivize the journal by awarding points or challenge badges. Recommend helpful articles based on the member's response.  Motivational push messages remind members to answer the questions and a helpful calendar keeps track of every day points have been awarded.

Wellbeing Survey

Feedback from your organization is priceless. This survey feature is a perfect opportunity to understand what is important to your employees. Get a ‘pulse check’ about morale, overall satisfaction, or their new hybrid work environment. Incentivize with points and badges.

Gift Card Administration

Our expert Client Success team will advise you on best practices for optimal outcomes and handle the marketing, reporting, and fulfillment of your incentive program saving time and money! Your members can choose from over 100 different gift cards to suit their needs.

Account Management

Our best in class dedicated account management team will guide you from inception to success. Our monthly one-on-one meetings and full implementation process will leave no stone unturned discovering what works best for your organization.

Member Support

We offer Member Support from 8am to 5pm Central time on business days to address any all inquiries. We respond within 4 hours. Walkingspree will reach out to our members when we see issues or inactivity for any reason. We are proud of our 95+% customer satisfaction rating from those members needing support.

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