Seven Tips to Ensure Wellness Program Success



Employers can increase productivity by nine percent and absenteeism by two percent when they reduce just one health risk, says The American Heart Association. And it takes just 30 minutes of exercise each day to live a healthier life, improve heart health, control blood pressure and bad cholesterol, and reduce the risk of stroke.

Employer-sponsored wellness programs are a great way to get employees moving, and the AHA states that every $3 employers spend on workplace wellness programs reap $15 in benefits. Benefits encompass everything from reduced healthcare costs to short-term sick leave. That’s great news for your bottom line.

It doesn’t take much to get a wellness program off of the ground, and here’s just a few ways you can get the most out of yours:

1. Get executive support. Make sure senior management is just as committed to your program’s success as HR, middle managers, and employees. This means setting a good example from the top down and consistently communicating program benefits.

2. Track progress. Build rapport, encourage teamwork, and inspire employees companywide by tracking and publicizing the company’s collective progress. It’s harder to sit out of the game when everyone else is playing.

3. Promote your program. Remind and motivate employees through emails, newsletters, and voicemails. Place posters or window decals in relevant areas that generate the most traffic, such as cafeterias, mailrooms, lunchrooms, and main entrance doors.

4. Challenge participants. Keep up the momentum with new and exciting fitness challenges. Walkingspree’s Wellness Program lets you create teams, walking clubs, and competitions, and coworkers can see top players on leaderboards.

5. Motivate employees. Encourage participation by offering prizes or incentives. Walkingspree offers food and weight tracking, visual progress graphics, and intelli-messaging to motivate participants around the clock.

6. Celebrate victories. Commemorate individual and company-wide milestones with events. Celebrations might include a healthy potluck meal, award recognitions, and motivational employee speeches about their own fitness success stories.

7. Educate and share information. Include fitness tips, news, and healthy recipes in company newsletters to build a company culture that embraces a healthy lifestyle.

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