Setting Goals For Your Corporate Wellness Program

How goals can help improve the wellness and productivity of your employees.


When it comes to the health and productivity of your employees, there is no limit to the amount of benefits and increased wellness that an employer-sponsored health program can have on both your company and your staff.


For instance, one employee who begins walking regularly can cut as much as $3,000 per year from your company’s benefit cost. An overweight  employee that sheds the pounds and gets in shape can not only mean added savings for your overall health costs, but it can also result in reduced blood pressure and cholesterol readings, and can save on pharmacy and wellness expenses. Plus, regular physical activity can slow future health claims for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.


So, with the overwhelming amount of research that has been done about the benefits of bringing a wellness program into your work place, how can your company get started with better savings and better health? Simple?set a goal with Walkingspree.




For many people, health and fitness goals can be difficult to create and achieve. However, setting the goal is the easy part. It’s the steps that follow that can be overwhelming for many. With Walkingspree’s award-winning wellness program, setting goals for your company has never been easier because of the many tools and programs we have set in place that have resulted in the improved health and well being of participants.


Plus, the best part about our programs is that they make health and fitness fun for your employees. In fact, 94% of Walkingspree participants love our programs and would recommend it to someone else. To help you learn more about how Walkingspree can help make your company’s fitness and finance goals a reality, here are just a few ways in which we make your employees fitness goals attainable:


1. Start Small And Build Up


When beginning any kind of fitness or health program, it is first important to start small and not focus on too many goals all at once. Once employees have built up the habit of working out regularly and practicing a fitness regime, it will boost their confidence and they will quickly pick up speed towards the rest of the program. Our Walkingspree visual tools help employees set fun fitness goals, such as ‘Walk to the Super Bowl’ or ‘Grand Canyon Walk.’ Once they have built up their endurance to combat these destinations, they can up their mileage with a walk across the country or even a walk to the moon.


2. Keep Track Of Goals And Progress


One of the best ways to follow your employees overall progress with their fitness program is to have them keep track of their progress and their achievements. This has never been easier than with the advanced Walkingspree USB pedometer, which provides the most accurate step count available today. It not only helps you accurately track your employees aerobic steps, calories burned, and fat reduced, but it also tells you the time and the distance that they have walked.


3. Create A Support System


Here at Walkingspree, we understand just how difficult it can be to start out a rigorous health program. However, we also know that when it comes to making a difference in your employees health and wellness, coworkers have the biggest influence on their peers. That is why Walkingspree has built our ‘buddy system’ where a coworker can check on a friend and offer both encouragement and motivation. This kind of built-in fun results in strong enrollment among employees (often greater than 50%) and very low drop-out rates.


If you are interested in learning more about how Walkingspree can help to set up realistic goals and fitness challenges with your company, be sure to contact us today to get one step closer to a healthier, cost-efficient work environment.


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