Positive Impacts Of Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs

The benefits that a corporate wellness program can have on your business.


It is no secret that a regular routine of fitness and dieting can have an overwhelmingly beneficial effect on an individual’s health and wellness. Not only does fitness play a large role in disease prevention, healthy living and weight loss, but it can also influence the mood, motivation and productivity in a person’s day-to-day life.


Because of all of these positive changes, it is easy to see why many employers are now bringing health and fitness programs into their own workplace to reap the benefits that fitness can have on their employees and on their business itself. Besides, because work is where many adults spend a majority of their time, the workplace is the perfect place to implement a wellness program.




A well-designed employer-sponsored wellness program can not only generate many positive impacts for both employee and employer, but it can also decrease absenteeism in the workplace, improve employee morale and improve productivity. In turn, this helps to lower the employer’s expenses by improving the health of the employee, and therefore, improve company revenue.


To get a better idea of the many positive impacts that corporate wellness programs, such as the award-winning program by Walkingspree, can have on the health and wellness of your company and staff members, we have put together a few examples of how our program can greatly impact your business:


Health Impact


By becoming involved in an employer-sponsored wellness program, employees can begin to improve their overall health and wellness, decrease their stress and experience multiple health improvements. For instance, many studies have shown that people who exercise regularly lower their risk of high blood pressure, improve their weight and lower their risk of high cholesterol.


Also, a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology found that 57% of individuals who were categorized as high-risk for heart disease at the start of a six-month corporate wellness intervention  reduced their cardiac risk factors to the extent that they were “low-risk” by the end of the program.


Monetary Impact


Introducing a health and wellness program at your company can save your business thousands of dollars in health care costs, simply by introducing your staff to a healthier lifestyle. This is because successful employee wellness programs, such as the ones implemented by Walkingspree, can generate cost savings for your company in terms of both expenses due to employee absenteeism and employee health care costs. In fact, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that obesity alone accounts for 9% of all health care costs, and that number is steadily rising.


Team Impact


Many studies have shown that corporate wellness programs are not only beneficial to a company in terms of health and fitness, but also in the attitude of employees. Being involved in a corporate program, whether it be through dieting, wellness or fitness, has been shown to bring staff members together and create a mutual trust and bond among employees and employers, especially when management level employees join in on the program. This can also result in improved attitude and drive, improved stress management and effective communication among all levels of staff.


If you are interested in learning more about the many benefits that Walkingspree’s award-winning corporate wellness program can bring to your business, be sure to contact us today. Walkingspree’s proven online walking program can improve the health of your target clientele, translating to lower healthcare claims and a more efficient work environment.


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