Walkingspree Success Stories

Walkingspree is a specialized wellness program vendor that employs interactive technology to inspire healthier choices and increased physical activity. Walkingspree programs are already in use by health insurers, insurance brokers, Fortune 500 companies, and small to medium sized businesses.


Here are few of the weight management success stories from Walkingspree members that we have received in the month of April:
\"\"\”I enjoyed walking when I was younger but as I’ve gotten older and busier I’ve moved away from the habit. When we received the pedometers from our employer as part of a healthier living incentive I was challenged. I had been saying that I wanted to lose the weight I had gained and just thinking of my health in general. It was time I reintroduce myself to a habit that I use to love. Every day I made it my goal to increase my steps or at least match the day previous day’s record. I started taking the steps instead of riding the elevator. Instead of driving to the convenience store I started walking there. Before long I was walking almost every day.


I eventually started noticing a difference in the way that my clothes were fitting and how my body was feeling. I was actually losing the weight and at the same time getting a quiet moment to myself to reflect.


I’m glad to say that I’m still walking and I feel good. I’m down 47 pounds and counting. This challenge has been extremely instrumental in helping me get back to walking and taking better care of my over all healthy.


Thank you for challenging your employees to B Well!! I know it made a difference in my life.
A large health insurer in Michigan Employee

\"\"\”My name is Amy and I am 31. When I was 29 years old I passed out in the bathtub and hit my head and broke my nose. I ended up having a closed head injury. The hospital couldn\’t say for sure that I passed out from anything specific, but they said I was unhealthy and I needed to change my life and fast. I had high cholesterol and I was very over weight and unhappy. My health insurance was asking us to participate in a program to manage our BMI or pay more out of pocket for our health insurance. I felt like they were forcing me to choose a plan that they felt would make me \”healthy\”, I didn\’t feel like anything would make me healthy, I was destined to be fat and unhappy. I was angry, how could they force me to change my life?!? Who were they to demand such an action from unhappy me? Didn\’t they know I was tired? I am a mommy, a full time employee and full time graduate school student. Who has time to walk?!?


But, being the cheap skate that I am, I wanted to keep my health insurance premium down and so I began walking to show that silly company that a pedometer wouldn\’t make me change my life, I\’d show them! Slowly but surely, I tried to walk a little more each day just to get the silly program over with. I\’d show them! By the end of the second quarter I had lost about 10 pounds just from walking. I began to see that life could change. I wasn\’t trapped in this big body that made me sad. I began looking into something called a 5k, it was completely foreign to my me, could I do a 5k? I did just that. I walked my first 5k in March 2012, I finished in 53 minutes. I don\’t think I\’ve ever been that proud of myself. I decided to keep a private journal reflecting my thoughts, I wanted to track not only my physical changes but my emotional changes as well.


I decided maybe this walking thing wasn\’t that bad, and if I could walk, maybe I could jog. I began to jog very slowly, but jog none the less. I ended up walk/ jogging three more 5ks that summer. I began finishing my required steps for Walkingspree more than a month early. I suddenly realized, that company that I was trying to prove that a pedometer wouldn\’t change my life was doing just that, it opened a door to a new me. It changed me, it made me start to ask myself what else can I do? What else can I change? When summer came and it got hot outside, I lost my drive. I\’ve always hated to be hot, I quickly put back on the weight that I had lost and then some. Soon fall was here, and I was sad and angry again. I decided to read my journal that I kept, and I found my inspiration to get moving again. I found the post of the first time that I was able to walk over 10,000 steps in a day. I remember this was a huge milestone for me, I had always felt like that was an impossible number to reach. 


In the fall, once the weather began to cool, I began to get moving again. I began jogging and walking, or doing other cardio workouts and looking at the emails that Walkingspree sent me about healthy eating. I made some changes and in just over six months I\’ve lost almost 60 pounds. I no longer have high cholesterol and I am moving my BMI down into the the overweight range, as opposed to the morbidly obese range.  I feel so much better about myself. I\’m happy and I have energy, I look forward to my workouts now. I\’ve even set a goal to run a half marathon in February of 2014. To think all this change saved me from myself, all started because of a little pedometer. \”
A large health insurer in Michigan,  insurance product member

I am so happy and motivated to be a part of this awesome program!  Thank you BROADWAY!  Having the pedometer really motivates me to get off the couch and take extra steps when I\’m home and this weekend, I took my children walking and running with me as well.  It was awesome!”
Broadway Bank Employee

\"\"I\’ve only lost about 10 lbs during my Mall Walkers membership, but I\’ve gained a wealth of knowledge about myself & my habits. I LOVE my pedometer & how easy it is to upload & monitor my progress. We\’ve had several family funerals this spring with out-of-town house guests & they teased me about all my walking, but I just smiled & told them that I\’m \”on the road to a better me\” & the walking is a NECESSITY to keep all my joints fit & the food from \”sticking\”. I\’ve also shared the Walkingspree recipes & forward the motivational emails on. I\’ve also included other friends into my monthly Mall Walkers events. So- THANKS Jen & the Mall Walkers team!!!!!!!
Excela Health member



\"\" I have lost 43 pounds in the last 3 years with the help of Weight Watchers and Walkingspree.  I am including my husband George in the picture because he has been with me every \”step of the way.\”  He also keeps track of his steps.  Making time to walk is a challenge every day.


 I also want to say thank you to my co-workers.  We have our own walking challenges in between the official Walkingspree challenges.  It keeps us all motivated!  Being healthy is not easy…it can be downright brutal.  But, so worth it!


Thank you.
A large health insurer in Michigan Employee


\"\"Had to take a minute and tell you how Walkingspree has changed my life.  I try to get in at least 12,000 steps a day.  I have lost 30 pounds and feel so much better.  Time to go on a ShoppingSpree!  It has helped my asthma and given me more energy to do those things that I used to shy away from.  Thanks so much for my new life!
United Methodist Church Employee






\"\" Since I began the Walkingspree program last January, I have lost 12 pounds. I was taking Prilosec daily for acid reflux disease. With the weight loss and the walking program, I no longer need to take Prilosec. Also, my blood pressure was borderline high in January of 2012. I was monitoring my blood pressure and pleaded with my doctor to give me three months to exercise and lose weight so that I wouldn’t have to take medication. Within three months, my blood pressure was normal. I am thankful for the Walkingspree program. It was just the right inspiration I needed to be motivated to walk every day.
A large health insurer in Michigan Employee



Walkingspree is a specialized wellness program vendor that employs interactive technology to inspire healthier choices and increased physical activity. Walkingspree programs are already in use by health insurers, insurance brokers, Fortune 500 companies, and small to medium sized businesses. To learn more about the significant benefits that your company and your employees can realize with our corporate walking program, request a demo today.

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