How To Get Your Employees Excited About Workplace Wellness

Our tips for encouraging your employees to get started with corporate wellness.


This past January, more than half of all Americans were likely to have made a health or fitness-related New Year’s resolution?working out in order to get back to their ideal weight, cutting back on their diet in order to promote a healthier lifestyle, or even working out simply to feel better on a day-to-day basis. However, judging from past data, very few people actually manage to stick to their New Year’s resolutions, especially when they surround the topic of exercise and fitness.



So, if your employees are unlikely to be motivated enough to complete their own wellness goals, how can you expect that they will follow a corporate-sponsored wellness program that your company has set up for them?


A beneficial corporate-sponsored wellness program, such as the ones that are offered by Walkingspree, are an obvious choice for businesses all over the country. Not only do they help to improve employee health and morale, reduce medical claims and lower absenteeism, but effective health and productivity programs can also make a real difference to a company’s bottom line. However, what is in it for your employees?


There are many unrelenting pressures on both employers and employees today, but improving the health and well being of your staff is a true win-win for everyone involved. To help you get a better idea of how you can motivate your employees to get excited and involved with a corporate wellness program, we have put together these basic tips that will encourage your staff to get started:




One tool that many companies use to help motivate employees to take part in a corporate wellness program is an incentive plan. An incentive can be any type of factor (financial or non-financial) that enables or motivates a particular course of action or encourages people to behave in a certain way. These incentives are usually a fun and easy way to get employees started in a fitness program, and stir up excitement about the program.




Winning a prize or monetary reward is fun. However, not everyone is motivated by competition. Coworkers have the biggest influence on their peers, which is why participation certificates, special recognition from management, or articles in the employee newsletter are a great way to support your staff and inform co-workers of their success. Corporate wellness incentive plans could also include sponsoring a healthy pot luck lunch each month, as a chance to reward all of your employees who participate.


Rewards with Walkingspree


Enrollment, engagement and competitions are more successful if there are rewards. Walkingspree can help you identify and set target goals, and suggest creative, proven contests which can be based on minimum participation and team achievements to motivate employees. Best of all, Walkingspree can partner with your wellness vendors to define a rewards program that fits your company.


To find out more about the many rewarding incentive programs that Walkingspree can offer your staff, along with the benefits that our corporate-sponsored wellness programs can bring to your company and your employees, be sure to contact us today.

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