Give Your Employees The Gift Of Health This Holiday Season

Walkingspree’s beneficial health program is one gift that keeps on giving.


The holiday season offers a great time for companies to come together with their employees and really share the fun and excitement that the winter season can bring. Whether your company is planning on showing your appreciation with a decked out holiday party, a friendly end of the year bonus, or a simple get together with all of your employees, there are many different ways in which the holidays can bring your company together and set you off right into the New Year.


One great gift that would not only benefit the wellness and happiness of your employees, but will also help to offset the many health care costs that your company may face this upcoming year, is an employer-sponsored health program. These beneficial health programs, such as the ones offered by Walkingspree, provide a helpful workplace program that combines health and fitness education with a valuable fitness program that will improve your profit margins in 2012.




Many different studies have shown that combining corporate wellness programs along with the encouragement of a healthy body and lifestyle not only helps to keep rising health costs in check for your company, but they also mean more productivity and a better work environment for employees.


According to Mercer’s 2011 National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, 52% of employers with 10,000 or more employees have said that they will use incentives and penalties to boost employee participation in wellness or health management programs this year, up from just 43% last year. Still unsure of why you should give your employees the gift of health this holiday season? Here are just a few reasons why Walkingspree’s corporate wellness programs can benefit both you and your employees:


Benefits for Employers


As healthcare costs continue to rise over the next year, many business corporations will continue to look towards new, efficient ways to cut rising healthcare costs. Many have found that one of the most effective and beneficial ways to do this is by utilizing the programs put together by professional wellness experts, such as those at Walkingspree.


With Walkingspree, not only do you get a real partner who works with you every step of the way, but you also get a custom health care program that is designed with your employees and your information in mind. We give you regular or custom reports on employee participation, rewards and program effectiveness so that the health program is easier than ever to administer.


Benefits for Employees


Because many workers are now being asked to pay more out of pocket in order to cover the costs of rising health care benefits, employees are more sensitive than ever to their need to participate in beneficial wellness efforts. By participating in Walkingspree’s award-winning health program, workers can avoid paying any premiums on their health benefits and will avoid any spikes in health insurance due to low health.


Plus, when your employees participate in a Walkingspree program, they can expect high enrollment, increased motivation in the workplace and sustained engagement in their daily tasks and engagements. By giving your employees the gift of Walkingspree this holiday season, you can finally jump start your corporate wellness program and achieve the health care cost control that you want.

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