Four Dangerous Health Trends That Are Affecting Your Business

Avoid these four costly trends by implementing a corporate wellness program.


When it comes to the success and achievements of your business, it is no secret that poor employee health and wellness is an inevitable “disease” that plagues all great companies at one point or another. Whether the majority of your employees suffer from the occasional sick day, or you are beginning to face the common health-related problems that come with aging staff members, the overall health of your employees can be your company’s greatest asset, or even your biggest threat if not properly addressed.


The majority of Americans have the bad habit of practicing a sedentary lifestyle of leisure and little physical activity. This type of daily behavior can not only result in personal weight gain, back and neck problems and increased levels of stress, but it can also translate over to the work place, causing a significant impact on your employee’s productivity and the fiscal health of your business.




Because of the large role that health and wellness can play in a company’s bottom line, it is essential that you educate your employees on the benefits and importance of preventative health care measures early on in order to avoid unnecessary health care costs.


To give you a better idea of how well-designed corporate wellness programs, such as the ones offered by Walkingspree, work to improve employee health and wellness, as well as positively impact the wealth of your business, here are four examples of dangerous health trends affecting your business that can be avoided through preventative health and wellness plans:


1. Exhaustion and Fatigue


Among adults in the United States, about 35% to 40% of the population has problems with daytime sleepiness or falling asleep at night. While this may not seem like a large corporate problem, according to recent health studies, the annual cost of lost productivity due to employee fatigue is around $136 billion. This is because lack of sleep can have a serious impact on a person’s productivity, decision making, clarity of mind, motivation and interest in activities. However, researchers have recently found that people sleep significantly better and feel more alert during the day if they get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week.


2. Presenteeism


When it comes to employee health care, one common misconception among employers is that employees who are absent due to illness are the biggest cause of low productivity rates and high health care costs. However, studies have shown that presenteeism (an employee who works at a lower productivity rate due to health reasons) results in an annual cost of$6,721 per employee. This is nearly 10 times the cost of absent employees.


3. Health Care Costs


It is no secret that health care costs have increased significantly over the last decade. However, introducing a health and wellness program at your company can save your business thousands of dollars in health care costs, simply by introducing your staff to a healthier lifestyle. This is because successful employee wellness programs, such as the ones implemented by Walkingspree, can generate cost savings for your company in terms of both expenses due to employee absenteeism and employee health care costs.


4. Absent Employees


According to a recent health care study, on a yearly basis, 69% of employees will get a cold, flu or respiratory infection; 30% will sustain a minor injury; 24% will have a non-respiratory infection and 12% will have a digestive disorder. However, the truth of the matter is, most of these conditions could have been avoided simply by following a regular health and wellness program. Leading studies suggest that workplace wellness programs can have a significant impact on altering these associated costs, and can provide a return on investment (ROI) of nearly 3:1 for businesses.


Because your staff is an extension of your entire organization, their health and well being is a direct relation on the success and productivity of your company. Be sure that your business is a healthy, strong one by implementing Walkingspree’s employer-sponsored wellness program into your corporate health plan.


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