Engagement starts here


Lifting morale and fostering employee communication is simple

Engagement means more to us than the number of participants registered on Walkingspree. We want employees to be thoroughly engaged — at work, at home and in life.
Did you know we are also a team-building platform? Besides a warm, fuzzy feeling toward their employer for providing a wellness program, employees are also less likely to call in sick, feel more motivated, and can be more productive simply from taking part in Walkingspree.
Yes! Improving your employees\’ health does more than you may think. Specially designed collaborative challenges (think: walking to the moon or walking around the world) get everyone working toward a common goal. No matter what department, skill level, or project they are currently championing.
Simply give us a call at 877/789.WALK (9255) for a free Walkingspree demo. Imagine a new era of trust and communication at your organization. It starts here.

Want to learn more about employee engagement? Check out our Client of the Month, Unified Group Services.

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