Employee Retention (Part 2): The Benefits Of Our Program

The secrets behind our beneficial health and wellness program.


In our blog post earlier this week, we touched on the importance of employee retention for any successful business and why health and wellness programs can have such a large impact on the overall health and motivation of your company’s employees. For instance, according to a study conducted by The Society For Human Resource Management, 45% of Americans who worked at small to medium-sized businesses reported that they would stay at their job longer because of an employer-sponsored wellness program.


However, in order to get a better understanding on why health programs have such a powerful influence on your product sales, your customer satisfaction and your employee motivation, we thought that it would be helpful to understand just how programs such as Walkingspree influence the employees who are active in them.




There are many different factors that go into successful employee retention and ensuring that your employees have a happy, encouraging work place. Here at Walkingspree, we like to combine each of these important factors with our own influential gamification techniques to create a health and wellness program that will get your staff members out of their seats and make sure that your company is achieving the health care cost control that you want.


Here are just a few ways in which our award-winning health and wellness programs work to increase the health and success of your organization:




Many studies have shown that the work place is a much more comfortable, open environment when you are working alongside people that you enjoy and when you have good communication. Not only is this a key factor in employee retention, but it also promotes a well-functioning, interactive work environment for yourself and your employees. Through Walkingspree’s exciting social networking system, your employees are able to send messages to those that they are in teams or clubs with and, in turn, are able to develop a more comfortable line of communication that will transfer to work assignments.




One of the biggest differences between an employee that is frequently seeking out new opportunities to learn and grow in their careers, and an employee that only puts in the hours that are necessary to their position, is motivation. When your employees are motivated either by outside factors in their own life, achievements within the work place, or a competition, such as the Walkingspree Challenges, they will be much more likely to contribute to work areas outside of their set job description.




One of the most effective ways of achieving employee retention and keeping up company moral during difficult work days is through the process of rewards. Whether you choose to recognize your employees with monetary rewards for their hard work, bonuses and gifts in exchange for completing difficult task, or extra vacation days for outstanding contributions, Walkingspree can work with your company to establish an excellent award for different levels in our health and wellness program.


In order to have a successful business, your staff members and employees must feel as though they are recognized, appreciated and rewarded for their hard work. By utilizing Walkingspree’s employer health programs, not only are you decreasing the amount of money that you spend on employee health, but you will also be changing the success and achievements of your company for the better.


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