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Employee Health And Benefits Brokers

Robust Corporate Wellness Program

We currently have agreements with national and regional brokers. By being a broker partner, you can pass on discounts to your clients when they join us or collect ongoing sales commissions for your firm.

All we need is an introduction while we do all the work with the client, or it is up to you if you want to represent client’s wellness program as some brokers do. You can be assured that Walkingspree will keep you informed monthly on your client’s wellness initiatives and overall participation levels.

We offer excellent service to your clients as demonstrated by our average NPS score of 83 from our stakeholders – clients, brokers, and Wellness Engagement Consultants of insurers. As to funding our low-cost program, we can work with insurers who offer wellness funds or work directly with clients managing their own wellness programs. Some clients incorporate Walkingspree as part of their benefits-based wellness incentive programs.

We welcome the opportunity to undertake health claim analytics of Walkingspree participating members to those not on the Walkingspree program to demonstrate the ROI to support your recommendation of Walkingspree.

Partner with Walkingspree