Employee Fitness: Choosing The Right Socks For Your Run

Nothing keeps your employees running longer than a perfect pair of socks.

Here at Walkingspree, we have talked many times about the different health and wellness benefits that running and walking can bring to your company’s employees (not to mention the many cost benefits that it can also bring to your company’s bottom line.) However, while getting outside and exercising regularly is the first step to getting in shape, choosing the proper athletic equipment is essential for your employees to get the most out of their fitness activity.

Many people are aware that finding a proper athletic shoe requires a lot of knowledge and research?you need to ensure that the shoe fits correctly in order to prevent injury, it should be comfortable and provide proper support, and above all, your shoe should be specifically tailored for the sport in which you are participating.

However, while many people will spend a good amount of time and money choosing an athletic shoe that is the perfect fit for their fitness activity (pun intended), very few understand that choosing a good athletic shoe means nothing if you do not have the proper socks to go inside.

The socks that you wear while participating in a fitness activity are just as important?if not more so?than the type of shoes that you wear. Anyone who has ever experienced blisters from running understands just how critical quality socks are for foot comfort. However, many people do not realize that they also play a large role in injury prevention.

If your socks do not provide enough cushion, there is a chance that your feet could suffer from impact and shock when running or jogging. Likewise, if your socks have too much cushion and don’t leave a large enough gap between your foot and your shoe, you could restrict blood from flowing to your feet.

Because of the importance of socks to each and every fitness activity you participate in, including your corporate-sponsored wellness program, we have put together some of the most important features to look for in a pair of quality fitness socks:

Arch Reinforcements – While many shoes offer arch support, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra boost of support from your socks as well, especially if you have high arches. Some socks offer a tight, reinforced weave within the socks arch in order to improve support for you foot. Without this support, you can develop severe pain in your heels and arches which can make fitness activity painful.

Padding– Extra padding inside of socks can be extremely helpful to your feet whenever you are participating in an activity over rough terrain, such as running or mountain climbing. Be sure to look for socks that offer padding on the heel and ball of the foot in order to ensure extra cushioning and protection.

Fit – One of the most important things to consider when choosing a pair of athletic socks is how they fit inside your shoes or boots. Therefore, you should always try socks on with the shoes you plan on wearing in order to determine that they fit properly without making your shoes too tight. When you try on socks, be sure to pay attention to how they fit in your heel and toe?Socks that are too long may bunch up in the tip of your shoe, while socks that are too short can slide down into the shoe and make your shoes feel tight. The correct length is the key criteria when choosing a proper fit.

By understanding the purpose and importance behind these three elements that go into each pair of athletic socks, you can ensure that you choose a pair that is best suited for your fitness activity. Choosing a proper pair of socks will not only make sure that your feet stay supported and comfortable in each and every activity that you participate in, but will also make sure your feet are as happy as can be when you are jogging towards better health during your corporate-sponsored wellness program.