Don\’t Drop Your Workout

sport and healthy lifestyle concept - indian man with fitness tracker exercising and doing squats at home

You may be stuck at home but that’s no reason to put your workout on hold. Continuing your daily physical activity obviously helps to keep you fit, but it also serves to build your mental wellness, which is especially important during stressful times.

So what can you do? Of course, we always recommend stepping up your walking routine. There are also many great options for at-home workouts. You can work up a sweat or mix in some calming yoga in the comfort of your living room! Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Start a Walkingspree Challenge
You may be walking alone, but it’s much more fun when you are competing with or against your friends at work. Use the Walkingspree app to stay connected and chat about your walk and maybe even brag about your stats. Start a Walkingspree challenge today!

Home Workouts That Don\’t Require Equipment
Here are 10 ideas of things you can do at home to get your blood pumping:
1. Jump Rope – If you want a good cardio workout in a matter of minutes, try a jump rope.
2. Stair Stepping – don\’t have stairs? Find a large book or sturdy chair.
3. The Plank – If you don’t have a lot of time, but you want to build up your core muscles, this is the exercise for you.
4. Dancing – Crank up your favorite tunes and have your own personal dance party.
5. Lunges
6. Cleaning – Cleaning can be very physical, especially vacuuming and mopping.
7. Water Bottle Weights – If you are looking to do some arm, shoulder, and back strength training, you can make your own weights by filling up water bottles.
8. High Knees
9. Jumping Jacks – This elementary school throwback offers a great cardio workout.
10. YouTube Workouts – There are a lot of workout routines on YouTube. You can search “workout,” or you can search by the specific type of workout that you would like.

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