Corporate Wellness Benefits Are Just A Short Walk Away

Help you employees reach impressive health goals in 3 mph or less.


It is no secret that it takes a good amount of dedication and hard work to jump start a rigorous corporate wellness plan and help your employees get back into a routine of healthy habits and fitness. Whether you are looking to increase the health of your corporation due to rising health care costs, employee retention or simply for the health of your business and your employees, there is never a better time to begin a beneficial wellness plan that will cut health care costs and help your company shine than in the New Year.


Luckily, thanks to many studies completed by Australian researchers, many doctors now believe that an improved health and lifestyle may not require the kind of rigorous workouts and drastic diet changes that many employees fear. Instead, with a walking speed of as little as 3 miles per hour, studies are showing that your employees could be well on the path to better health, and therefore, essentially outrun the grim reaper well into their senior years.




The team of researchers in the study, based at Concord Hospital in Sydney, followed more than 1,700 older men for five years, studying the walking speeds of those who had passed away and those who had not. The men were timed as they walked nearly 20 feet at a normal walking pace and, during the five years that the men were followed, 266 eventually passed away. Overall, the men who had passed had a walking pace that was slower than those who survived, leading the researchers to determine that people need to walk at least 3 miles per hour if they want to outrun death.

However, walking at least 3 miles per hour is not only a benefit for the health and wellness of your employee, but it also means great things for your business. Employers who utilize corporate walking programs, such as the ones offered by Walkingspree, benefit by retaining top talent, reducing the number of sick days among employees, energizing their co-workers and by reducing stress in the work place.


Many other rigorously conducted case studies have shown that businesses who offer an active wellness program in their company receive positive return on investments within the first few years of implementing the program.


Corporate wellness programs are also a great way to increase the motivation and productivity of your employees. For  instance, improved physical health not only leads to the health and financial benefits that come with an active lifestyle, but adding regular fitness and exercise into your daily routine has also been shown to increase the production of endorphins?our brain’s “feel good” chemicals which boost our mood and increase positivity.


With the increasing amount of praise and research that is surrounding corporate wellness programs and employer-sponsored fitness programs, it is easy to see why health and productivity programs such as Walkingspree can make a huge difference to a company’s bottom line, even when it is involving a walking speed of just 3 miles per hour. After all, with the unrelenting pressures on employees and businesses today, improving the health and wellness of your employees is a true win-win for everyone involved.


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