Corporate Health: Preventing The Sickness of Spring

Keep your employees healthy this season through these simple tips.

It is no secret that spring is one of the most exciting and awaited times of year for many people across the country. Not only does spring mean farewell to the wet, cold and grey winter months, but it is also a great time for setting new goals for your company and starting fresh for another quarter. While some employers choose to set strictly-corporate goals such as increasing their bottom line or higher sales numbers, the companies that will excel the most this spring are the ones who focus on the health and wellness of their employees, as well as their business.

The health and wellness of your employees is directly responsible to how successful and well-off your business is. This is because exercise plays a large role in motivation, drive and productivity. For instance, as little as 15 minutes of physical exercise every day, whether it be jogging, riding a bike or playing a sport, can help to improve executive function and increase motivation. This is because aerobic exercise elevates neurotransmitters, creating new blood vessels that pipe in growth factors and spawn new cells in the brain.

However, keeping your employee’s health and wellness in check may be a little harder than it sounds, especially during the spring season. In addition to common illnesses such as the flu that often spread quickly around the office during this time of year, the spring is also the worst time of year for seasonal allergies. From weeds to grass to pollens, airborne allergen levels are on the rise. Wafting in with them are itchy and watery eyes, sniffling, sneezing and even coughing and wheezing for many adults.

What’s worse is that many experts are predicting one of the worst allergy seasons in ten years, so allergy sufferers better be on high alert. To help you keep your employees free from springtime allergies and illness, we have put together this simple list that will help your employees stay in tip-top shape this quarter:

Keep Allergies Outside and Out of the Office

Allergens such as pollen tend to stick to fabrics, which means you can deposit allergens from your clothes on your furniture, on your desk, and on the people around you. All of a sudden the safe haven of your office is as allergy-ridden as the outdoors. Also, encourage employees to wash their bedding, their pajamas, and their clothes as often as possible to rid them of troublesome allergens during the spring season.

Know When To Stay Inside

While it may be nice for your employees to escape outside during their lunch break, allergy symptoms tend to be particularly high on breezy days when the wind picks up pollen and carries it through the air. Rainy days, on the other hand, cause a drop in the pollen counts because the rain washes away the allergens. Also, keep an eye on the pollen counts, and try to plan more of your outdoor work for days when pollen counts are expected to be low and it’s not so windy.

Stay Clean and Hydrated

When you are trying to avoid any kind of illness or allergy from spreading, it is important to stay hydrated and wash your hands frequently. Keep bacterial wipes or soap around the office so that employees can wash up and keep clean whenever they are heading in from outside. Also, keeping your body hydrated is the key to maintaining a healthy body and mind during any time of year.

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