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At Walkingspree we excel at providing fun and engaging walking programs. Our track record speaks for itself. Since 2006, we have been providing an activity tracking wellness platform that connects to a variety of wearable devices and smartphones. In fact, employers can choose to let employees convert other physical activities other than walking to steps with our self-reported activity converter.

Would you like to become a Channel Partner with Walkingspree?  

By being a Channel Partner, you can pass on discounts to your clients when they join us or collect commissions instead for your firm. Walkingspree already has several channel partner relationships across the U.S. and are actively delivering mobile SSO integration, real time data flow, Walkingspree callouts to wellness partner platforms, and comprehensive account management to wellness partners and their clients. Whether your clients are looking for a shorter-term or longer-term physical activity program, we’re here to provide a consultative and custom program experience for you and your clients.

For further information on becoming a Channel Partner, please reach out at Partnerships@walkingspree.com

Experience –

Since 2006, Walkingspree has been a trusted provider of digital physical activity tracking and integrated wellness solutions. We continue to evolve and enhance our platform to meet the latest digital and data security requirements.

Technology Edge –

Our mobile app has real-time data flow from all health tracking platforms such as Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, and Garmin. Very few platforms connect to all of them. Therefore, we can connect any smartphone as a device and/or any smartwatch.

Proof of concept –

There are multiple case studies demonstrating how Walkingspree has reduced the healthcare claim costs of its members. A peer-reviewed academic publication by co-authors from University of Michigan and Stanford was published in March 2017 on the success of one of its programs.

Competitive Edge –

We deliver a choice of multiple programs to serve clients of all sizes at competitive prices. We offer value-added services to clients such as customizable, branded marketing materials, dedicated account management services to minimize workload and robust platform features at no additional cost.

Data Security –

Walkingspree is secure. We are HIPAA, GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliant. For details, please refer to our security page.

Rich features to drive engagement –

Our program is customized to clients with fun challenges, social networking, targeted messaging, nudges, and much more. We apply behavioral economics principles and choice architecture. For details, please refer to our home page.

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