Health and Exercise Benefits of Pokemon Go

Health and Exercise Benefits of Pokemon Go   All over the country, people are suddenly exercising, going for walks, hikes and (gasp!) breaking out into a sweat. All of this, in search of Pokemon. For those who are not familiar with this phenomenon, a Google search for Pokemon Go will tell you all you ever […]

How Will Depression Impact Your Company?

How Will Depression Impact Your Company? The question isn\’t a matter of will depression impact a company, but how much productivity will be lost due to depression and its effects?  It\’s a safe bet that the average company is already dealing with these challenges. The American Journal of Preventative Medicine says that depression is projected to […]

A Simple Change That Can Increase The Benefits Of Any Walk

You\’ve heard of book clubs and buying clubs. But walking clubs? Organized walking clubs are increasing in popularity, and they\’re shown to deliver both physical and mental rewards. People who partake in walking clubs have shown improvements in general fitness measurements like body mass index, blood pressure, and lung power along with decreased tendencies toward […]

Could Lagging Employee Engagement and Wellness Be Shrinking Your Bottom Line?

  The Boston Consulting Group found one more reason to put employee engagement at the top of your company’s priorities. They noted that businesses chosen as one of the “100 Best Places to Work” for three or more years enjoyed a measurable competitive advantage backed by concrete numbers. In a ten-year timespan, not only did […]