Even Chores, Socializing Might Lower Your Odds for Dementia

cleaning kitchen counter

Your daily walk, cleaning the house and lunch with friends could together be keys to staving off dementia, according to researchers. A new study looked at lifestyle habits that could help lower risks, instead of factors that may contribute to the disease. Researchers in China combed the data of more than a half-million British people in the […]

More Evidence Fitness Trackers Can Boost Your Health

fitness tracker

Your fitness tracker, pedometer or smartwatch may motivate you to exercise more and lose weight, Australian researchers say. In a large research review, the investigators found that tracking your activity might inspire you to walk up to 40 minutes more a day (about 1,800 more steps). And those extra steps could translate to the loss of more than […]

Summer Swim? Watch Out for ‘Swimmer’s Ear’

man swimming

When weather gets hot and people start jumping into a pool, lake or ocean, cases of swimmer’s ear are likely to climb, but one expert says there are steps you can take to avoid the painful condition. The best prevention is a simple one: avoid getting water in your ears, said Dr. Hongzhao Ji, an assistant professor […]

Do You Live in America’s Fittest City? Experts Rank Best to Worst

woman with arms raised

Want to get fit and stay fit? Arlington, Va., may be the city for you: For the fifth year in a row, it has been named the fittest city in America. Meanwhile, the title of the least fit city goes to Oklahoma City, according to the annual fitness rankings of America’s 100 largest cities from the American […]

Biggest Weight Gain Now Comes Early in Adulthood

woman on scale

The obesity epidemic isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and new research delivers even worse news: Most American adults have not only gained more weight, but they gained most of it earlier in life. The statistics were grim: More than half of Americans in the representative sample had gained 5% or more body weight during a 10-year period. […]

Only 7% of American Adults in Good Cardiometabolic Health

heart on lady

Less than 7% of U.S. adults are in good cardiometabolic shape, and new research warns the trend is only getting worse. Cardiometabolic health is an umbrella term that includes blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, weight and/or the presence of heart disease. “While we know that cardiometabolic health among Americans is a significant problem, we were […]

9 Ways to Protect Your Heart and Brain From the Summer Heat

summer heat

Your favorite summertime playlist probably has more songs about surfing than about potential health risks. But with much of the nation having already sweated out a historic heat wave in June, health experts would like to add a note of caution to the mix. Hot weather is like a stress test for your heart, said […]

Extreme Heat Can Bring Extreme Heart Dangers

lady in the sun

The record-breaking heat that’s scorching much of the United States this week poses significant heart dangers, and you need to take steps to protect yourself, the American Heart Association (AHA) says. That’s especially true for older adults and people with high blood pressure, obesity or a history of heart disease or stroke. Heat and dehydration force […]

Stress Can Age, Weaken Your Immune System

stressed woman

Stress may take a huge toll on your health, weakening your immune system and opening the door to serious illness, a new study suggests. Traumatic events, job strain, daily stressors and discrimination may all speed aging of the immune system, increasing the risk for cancer, heart disease and other illness, including COVID-19, researchers report. “New T-cells are […]

Take These 7 Healthy Habits on Your Summer Road Trip


You’ve spent the past couple of years staying fit and healthy despite the unusual circumstances of mostly staying home. Now you’re packing the car for a well-deserved summer road trip, fraught with fast food, convenience stores and hours of sitting around with unhealthy snacks within arm’s reach. Can you keep up the good work? You […]