Stress Can Age, Weaken Your Immune System

stressed woman

Stress may take a huge toll on your health, weakening your immune system and opening the door to serious illness, a new study suggests. Traumatic events, job strain, daily stressors and discrimination may all speed aging of the immune system, increasing the risk for cancer, heart disease and other illness, including COVID-19, researchers report. “New T-cells are […]

Take These 7 Healthy Habits on Your Summer Road Trip


You’ve spent the past couple of years staying fit and healthy despite the unusual circumstances of mostly staying home. Now you’re packing the car for a well-deserved summer road trip, fraught with fast food, convenience stores and hours of sitting around with unhealthy snacks within arm’s reach. Can you keep up the good work? You […]

Tiny Sprouts Provide Big Nutrition


Move over baby carrots and petite peas. Even tinier vegetables are catching on as go-to healthy foods. Microscale vegetables, a growing food category that includes sprouted seeds, are miniature in size yet big in nutrition. Eating sprouts well before they become full-blown plants can crank up certain nutrient levels considerably, said Emily Ho, nutrition professor […]

4 in 10 U.S. Adults Who Need Mental Health Care Can’t Get It: Survey

sad woman

There is a “staggering” gap between the number of Americans who need care for anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions and those who can actually get it, a new survey shows. In all, 42% of U.S. adults who needed care in the previous 12 months did not get it because of costs and other […]

Team Sports: Good for Kids’ Minds, Too

kids playing soccer

Kids who play team sports may win some mental health benefits, but the same may not hold true for those in solo sports, a large, new study suggests. A number of previous studies have linked team sports to better mental well-being for children and teenagers, and the new research is no exception: Overall, it found, U.S. kids […]

That Morning Cup of Coffee May Extend Your Life

woman with coffee

Folks who take their coffee with a little cream and sugar have reason to rejoice, health-wise. A new study shows that coffee’s potential health benefits persist, even if you add a bit of sugar to your java. People who drink any amount of unsweetened coffee are 16% to 21% less likely to die early than those who […]

Week Off Social Media Boosts Mental Health: Study

woman on phone

It’s no secret that too much social media can be bad for one’s mental health. Now, research suggests that taking even a brief break from TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. Staying off social media for a week meant, for some study participants, gaining about nine hours of free time, which improved […]

Is Slowed Walking a Sign Dementia Is Near?

man walking

If you’re a senior and walking to the mailbox takes longer than it used to, new research suggests you might want to ask your doctor to check your thinking skills. The study included nearly 17,000 adults over 65 and found those who walk about 5% slower or more each year and also had memory declines […]

Folks Choose Healthier Foods When Around ‘Outsiders’

brunch food on a table

Will it be a cheeseburger or a salad? What will they think of me? A new study finds you’re more likely to choose to eat healthy if you’re with an “outsider” because you don’t want them to have a poor opinion of you. The study consisted of a series of experiments with several hundred adults in a […]

Can Mindfulness Really Change Your Brain?


Meditation and other mindfulness practices may improve your attention, but they won’t lead to structural changes in your brain in the short-term, according to a new study. Previous studies have shown that learning new skills, aerobic exercise and balance training could trigger changes in the brain, and some research has suggested that mindfulness regimens could […]