How Empty Cupboards Can Raise Diabetes Risk

woman looking at empty pantry

Young adults who struggle to afford food face an increased risk of diabetes later in life, possibly due to the long-term effects of eating cheaper, less nutritious food. That’s the conclusion of researchers who analyzed data on nearly 4,000 people from the U.S. National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health. Between the ages of 32 and […]

Hybrid Work Can Be Healthy at Home and the Office

man on zoom call

First, we got advice on staying fit and healthy while working in the office. Then when the pandemic started, we got advice on staying fit and healthy while working from home. As the era of hybrid work – doing the same job in both places – takes hold, now what? There are a lot of […]

The 3 Midlife Factors That Raise Your Odds for Alzheimer’s

brain puzzle pieces

Certain lifestyle factors can sway the risk of dementia, and a new study points to the top threats to Americans these days: obesity, physical inactivity and lack of a high school diploma. Researchers found that in just the past decade, there has been a shift in the most important modifiable risk factors for dementia in […]

Adding These Foods to Your Diet Could Keep Dementia Away

leafy greens

A diet rich in the antioxidants that leafy, green vegetables and colorful fruit deliver is good for your body, and now new research shows it also protects your brain. In the study, people whose blood contained the highest amounts of three key antioxidants were less likely to develop all-cause dementia than those whose blood had lower levels […]

Link Between Depression and Heart Disease Cuts Both Ways

stressed woman

The day 23-year-old Jordan Chaffiotte was discharged from the hospital following her successful open-heart surgery should have been a happy one. A cause for celebration. Instead, she found herself sobbing in the living room with her parents and sister, struggling with guilt and depression. “Before I left the hospital, the doctor gave me a clear […]

Traditional Dances Mix Music, Movement, Heritage and Health

flamenco dancer

Anybody who’s twisted, hustled, boot-scooted or learned how to do the Dougie knows dancing can be more than just a fun way to spend a Saturday night. But when music and motion link someone to their heritage, it might provide a special kick, boosting pride, social connections and even health. Studies have found health perks […]

Your Take-Out Coffee Cup May Shed Trillions of Plastic ‘Nanoparticles’

coffee cup

Maybe you ask the barista for cream with your coffee, and possibly sugar as well. But new research shows that paper cup of joe you grab off the coffeehouse counter contains another ingredient, and it’s one you might not care for — trillions of tiny plastic particles that leach into your hot java from the cup’s plastic […]

Scientists Calculate Perfect Amount of Sleep for Folks Over 40

woman sleeping

Are you over 40 and wonder what the magic amount of sleep every night might be? A new study arrives at an answer. It turns out that seven hours of sleep a night may be the ideal amount for keeping your brain in good health if you’re middle-aged or older. “Getting a good night’s sleep is important […]

How Does Exercise Guard Against Dementia? Study Reveals Clues

Exercise may help safeguard your brain as you age, and a new study suggests how this might happen. Previous research has shown that physical activity helps protect brain cells. This paper indicates it may do that through lower levels of insulin and body fat. “These results may help us to understand how physical activity affects […]

Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Higher Cancer Risk

“Sugar-free” might sound healthy, but a new study hints that people who consume a lot of artificial sweeteners may face a slightly higher cancer risk. Experts stressed that the findings do not prove sugar substitutes are the culprit. But they said it is wise for people to limit not only added sugars, but also the processed foods […]