More Olive Oil May Bring Longer Life: Study

Swapping out the butter or other artery-clogging fats in your diet for heart-healthy olive oil may add years to your life, researchers say. Folks who consume more than 1/2 a tablespoon of olive oil a day are less likely to die from heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or lung disease when compared to people […]

Even a Little Light in Your Bedroom Could Harm Health

People who sleep with a light on may be unwittingly keeping their nervous system awake, a small study suggests. The study of 20 healthy adults found that just one night of sleeping with the lights on spurred changes in people’s functioning: Their heart rates stayed higher during sleep compared to a night with lights off. And, […]

Some Americans Gained Better Habits During Pandemic, Poll Finds

About one-quarter of Americans say they made positive changes to their daily habits during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new poll shows. As U.S. states ended masking mandates and infection numbers dropped this year, most (64%) respondents said their mood had been stable since January and that the pandemic either hadn’t affected their daily habits (49%) or had […]

Sudden Reaction to a Food? It Could Be Adult-Onset Allergy

You bite into an apple and suddenly your mouth starts tingling. Or you eat shrimp for dinner and get hives. You’re not a kid and you’ve been able to eat these foods your whole life, so what’s going on? A number of conditions could be the cause, but one is adult-onset food allergies. That’s becoming […]

Begin Now to Protect Your Heart as Clocks ‘Spring Forward’

The lost hour of sleep when clocks spring forward for daylight saving time on Sunday, March 13 can pose risks to your heart — but there are ways to protect yourself. A number of studies have found an increase in heart problems and stroke after the spring time change, according to the American Heart Association. […]

An Hour of Weight Training Per Week Can Extend Your Life

Adding regular strength training to your exercise routine may not only make you stronger, but let you live longer, too, researchers in Japan report. Their new study says 30 to 60 minutes a week of muscle strengthening may reduce your risk of dying early from any cause, and from heart and blood vessel disease, diabetes or cancer by up to […]

Getting Rid of Meat in Your Diet May Lower Cancer Risk

People who go meat-free, or at least put limits on it, may have lower risks of some of the most common cancers, a new, large study suggests. British researchers stressed that their findings do not prove definitively that vegetarian/vegan diets cut people’s cancer risks. In fact, there was evidence that body weight may explain some of the […]

Science Pinpoints the Brain’s ‘Singing Center’

If a great singer seems to light up your mind, it’s not your imagination. Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have identified a group of neurons in the brain that react to singing but not to other types of music. “This was a finding we really didn’t expect, so it very much justifies the whole point of […]

Staying Fit May Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay

If there was something you could do to ward off Alzheimer’s disease, would you do it? If so, a new study has a suggestion: Get moving. Participants who were most physically fit were 33% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than the least fit, the researchers found. And those whose fitness was below the most fit were, […]

Are ‘Good’ Germs in Your Gut Key to a Healthy Brain?

What’s good for your tummy may be good for your mind. New research shows that folks with a more robust balance of bacteria in their gut are more likely to perform well on tests of standard thinking skills including attention, flexibility, self-control and memory. Exactly how the bacterial milieu in our gut affects our brains is […]