Apple Watches Now Available!




Walkingspree’s goal is to make the sedentary lifestyle in the workplace more active in the easiest way possible: WALKING! Our fun challenges promote walking by rewarding you either intrinsically or extrinsically for the number of steps you take.

A huge part of our program is tracking the user’s steps. This is best done through wearable devices. Our platform is compatible with all major devices including Apple Watches which is why we are so proud to now have them in our Walkingspree store.

Walkingspree is one of the few wellness programs to be able to resell these innovative devices and it is great that we can offer this to our members. If your company offers a subsidy or payroll deduct you will be able to use these options on a brand-new Apple Watch. We believe opportunities like this will encourage the population to get moving and be more conscious of their health.

The Apple Watch has features that will allow you to set personal health and fitness goals which can contribute to your current Walkingspree challenge.  These devices also have mindfulness capabilities like the breathe app. This app helps you stay centered and stay aware of your overall health which can be very beneficial in the workplace. Overall, the Apple Watch is a great addition to the Walkingspree device family and we are excited to be a re-seller.

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