3 Important Aspects of A Successful Corporate Wellness Program


Get your corporate wellness program off on the right track with these tips.

Here at Walkingspree, we have seen first-hand that when implemented correctly, corporate-sponsored wellness programs can dramatically alter an employee’s outlook, workplace productivity and motivation, thus improving a company’s bottom line. In fact, incorporating physical fitness back into the workplace is becoming such a beneficial tool for cutting health care costs that employers all across the country are beginning to take the necessary steps to engineer exercise back into the workplace.

Your employee’s health not only affects their well-being and their mood, but it also influences their productivity, your company’s budget, and an organization’s bottom line. This is why many businesses across the country are turning towards Walkingspree to ensure that the influence their employees have on their business is a positive one.

Through Walkingspree’s award winning corporate wellness program, employees can begin to improve their overall health and wellness, decrease their stress and experience multiple health improvements. Plus, our proven online walking program includes many benefits for your business itself, including lower healthcare claims and a more efficient work environment.

However, in order for your corporate-sponsored wellness program to have the greatest impact on your workplace, it is important for employees to an experience an overall health balance in the areas of environmental, emotional and physical encouragement.

Environmental Encouragement

Environmental encouragements includes all wellness factors that exist outside of the body, such as the supportive health in the places in which we work, live and interact socially. These places can strongly affect our health status, and lifestyle changes such as daily fitness activities are most effective when they are supported by the immediate environment in which they are made.

If your employees work in an environment where they feel that their health and fitness activities are supported and encouraged, they will be much more likely to follow through in their goals. Therefore, encourage your employees to get outside during their breaks and soak up some fresh air. Another way to promote a healthy workplace is to stock the break room with healthy foods that have a high amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Physical Encouragement

Physical encouragement includes how we strengthen our muscles, nourish our bodies and rest our minds. Studies have shown that employees who exercise on a regular basis have increased job satisfaction, improved morale, reduced injuries and increased productivity. Plus, employees who are healthy and in shape have a lower risk of high blood pressure and lower their risk of developing high cholesterol.

Emotional Encouragement

Emotional encouragement involves personal stress management, self-awareness and the encouragement of those around you. One of the most important elements to keeping your office healthy is to encourage employee self-care by empowering your staff to make decisions based on their own individual well-being. Also, it is very important for employer’s to practice good habits at work that encourage their fellow employees to do the same. Therefore, find a way to make your workplace inspiring and inviting to those around you.