May 2023 Newsletter

Exercise is not just about keeping our bodies fit; it also plays a pivotal role in supporting our mental health and overall happiness. By engaging in physical exercises, such as walking, we stimulate the release of endorphins, those “feel-good” hormones that lift our spirits and boost our mood. Regular exercise reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety, […]

An Apple (and Some Blackberries) Each Day May Keep Frailty Away

apples in hands

You’ve heard of eating your spinach to stay strong, but how about loading up on your flavonols? New research suggests that plant-based foods rich in these important dietary compounds could lower your chances of developing frailty as you age. Apples and blackberries are among the fruits that contain a particular flavonoid called quercetin that may […]

What are the Best Sleeping Positions for a More Comfortable Day

man sleeping

If you were asked your favorite sleep position, you’d probably be able to answer pretty quickly. But it can be a little trickier to figure out the best sleeping position — one that helps you reduce your aches and pains and maximize the enormous health benefits that research has shown a good night’s sleep can provide. Here […]

Another Possible Exercise Bonus: Preventing Parkinson’s

people walking

Regular exercise has a long list of health benefits, and a new study suggests another one could be added: a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease. The study, of nearly 99,000 French women, found that those who were most physically active day to day were 25% less likely to develop Parkinson’s over three decades, versus women […]