Bitter or Savory, Taste Genes Could Influence Your Diet


People who have never outgrown an aversion to broccoli, or an addiction to potato chips, can place part of the blame on their genes, preliminary research suggests. The study, of over 6,200 adults, turned up correlations between certain taste-related genes and people’s preferences for particular food groups. Those whose genes made them sensitive to bitter flavors, […]

Stress Can Age, Weaken Your Immune System

stressed woman

Stress may take a huge toll on your health, weakening your immune system and opening the door to serious illness, a new study suggests. Traumatic events, job strain, daily stressors and discrimination may all speed aging of the immune system, increasing the risk for cancer, heart disease and other illness, including COVID-19, researchers report. “New T-cells are […]

Take These 7 Healthy Habits on Your Summer Road Trip


You’ve spent the past couple of years staying fit and healthy despite the unusual circumstances of mostly staying home. Now you’re packing the car for a well-deserved summer road trip, fraught with fast food, convenience stores and hours of sitting around with unhealthy snacks within arm’s reach. Can you keep up the good work? You […]