13M Activity tracker wearables to be used in corporate wellness plans by 2018

A recent ABI research report has stated that over the next five years, 13 million wireless wearable devices will be embedded into Corporate Wellness programs by 2018. Suffocating healthcare costs are driving this trend.


Validated data allows employers:


1. To provide higher incentives via HSA funding, premium deductions, Cash/Gift Card payouts or Grand Prize lottery rewards. Removing the risk of manually edited data provides confidence in incentive payouts.


2. To provide increased engagement and social sharing. Seamless transfer of data to the website, provides instant feedback to the member and fellow co-workers. Automated sharing of accomplishments to Facebook and Twitter create peer support and engagement.


However, activity trackers on their own are not enough. They need the structure of a program that understands behavioural economics and gamification to implement a corporate wellness program that provides high participation and long term retention.


Imagine that you\’re in an employee wellness program that uses a computer connected activity tracker.

You\’re wearing it tucked in your pocket or on your wrist. Perhaps you just finished your lunch and had gone for a walk with co-workers. Your device automatically synced to your Mobile phone or as you walked by the wireless dongle attached to your computer (those using USB activity trackers would plug in their activity tracker and upload via computer). Within seconds, you\’ve received an email congratulating you on reaching 8,000 steps in one day and that you\’ve earned a virtual badge. At the same time, your 8,000 step achievement badge has been shared with your friends on Facebook who are all cheering you on with \”likes\”. You might also have received email notification for successfully completing your company challenge goal and that you\’ve earned your Gift Card or your HSA amount. A quick glance at your device and you can see that you\’re 80% complete of your own personal step goal for the day. All of this happened seamlessly by just wearing the activity tracker and automated syncing with the Walkingspree website.


Walkingspree provides both wireless and USB validated device  choice options for employers.  Activity tracker\’s are excellent tools to record and transmit data, but they require the structure of a program that provides the tools to create engagement and long term retention.


Walkingspree is a specialized wellness program vendor that employs interactive technology to inspire healthier choices and increased physical activity. Walkingspree programs are already in use by health insurers, insurance brokers, Fortune 500 companies, and small to medium sized businesses. To learn more about the significant benefits that your company and your employees can realize with our corporate walking program, request a demo today.


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